Fox Photography


We are the Foxes…

We LOVE to travel and we’re a little (ok, really) obsessed with animals. Michelle grew up in the U.K, Hong Kong and the Netherlands, and Dan grew up in Belgium. The UK and Europe is our home and Canada is our second home. Our passion for travel means we often go back to Europe, which is why we will cover European destination weddings (and we even had our own destination wedding in Portugal)!

How do we work?

We don’t just take photos. We’ve got you covered! We’ll help you with your schedule. We’ll help you with vendor recommendations. We’ll cross a river to get that shot. We’ll fix your dress. We’ll carry your coats if it’s cold. We’ll hold your bouquet when you need us to.

We work hard, to provide you with the BEST service and because we love what we do!


More about us…


  • Art lover (Favourite artist is Franz Marc)

  • Dog lover

  • Cat foster mum

  • LOVES warm weather

  • The Walking Dead is still my favourite show

  • Harry Potter fan (obvs)

  • I am the world’s biggest fan of The Lion King


  • Film buff

  • Visual Effects / 3D artist

  • Dog lover

  • Francophone

  • Gamer

  • Traveller

  • Arsenal fan

The Fox Cubs (Pepper & Phoenix)

We are Pepper & Phoenix! We look like Huskies but we’re actually Tamaskans. Follow us on Instagram (@pepperphoenix)

We love…

  • Cats and Kittens (foster siblings)

  • Expensive dog food

  • Snow

  • Being weird

  • Destroying expensive toys in a day

  • Howling at inappropriate times

  • Playing with squeaky toys only when you’re trying to watch TV