Do you Travel?

Yes! We are based in Toronto but will travel within Canada and also within Europe.  As European passport holders we travel back home often so please get in contact with us if you are planning a destination wedding.  Locations outside of Toronto may incur a travel fee but if we are already travelling to the country (or it's a country or different part of Canada on our bucket list) the travel fee may be waived.  Please note that we do not cover destination weddings and shoots in the US due to visa restrictions.

I love the candid photos and how your style is not ‘overly posed’ but I’m worried because we’re both awkward in photos!

Ok, so THIS is the most common FAQ/comment we get, so please don’t worry! Unless you’re a professional model or a TV personality, you probably wouldn’t have extensive experience with professional shoots, let alone a professional shoot with each other, so it’s a whole new experience for a lot of people! We want you to have fun with us during the shoot and not to worry! We will give you direction so we can capture who you both are. Still not convinced? Check out our reviews and see how our couples feel about how we did everything to make sure they had fun and felt comfortable during their sessions!

Can we have the RAW files?

We deliver the final processed image which is in JPEG format. We do not deliver unedited RAW files as this is an unfinished and unedited product which does not represent our product and services. This is industry standard within the wedding photography and many other photography industries.

Can we see all photos you take at the wedding?

 We don’t provide every single photo taken during a session or at a wedding, but please be assured we are not withholding any moments from you. Part of our process is 'culling' whereby we go through thousands of photos and carefully hand pick the photos which show you at your best and discard the undeliverable ones (the test shots, unflattering expression, eyes shut).

How long will it take you to deliver my photos?

Our typical turnaround time for weddings is 6-12 weeks, which largely depends on the time of year. Smaller sessions, such as engagement shoots will take on average around 2-3 weeks. 

What is the extent of your editing and what style can I expect to see in the final gallery?

Before booking us, we ask that you review our portfolio. The final product we deliver to you will be consistent with what you see in our galleries. In addition colour correction and the editing style you see in our galleries, we will carry out minor corrections such as the odd blemish here and there. We do not carry out extensive 'photoshopping' such as changing body shapes. Each photographer will have their own style and level of editing, so it is important that you review the portfolios of the photographers you are looking into to make sure that you are happy with their work and know what to expect!

Will we receive the copyright to our photos?

Under the Canadian Copyright Act (November 2012) Photographers by default own the copyright to the photos they take (and are treated similarly to other artists such as musicians, painters and writers).  However, as noted in our contracts, we grant a limited personal use license to all of our couples enabling them to use the images, subject to conditions. What does that mean for you? The clause in the contract will enable you to share to social media, including Facebook and Instagram and print the photos for personal use such as in albums, thank you cards or regular prints.

Do you have insurance and is your business registered (ie. are you legit)?

Yes! As professional photographers we have insurance, including General Liability insurance and equipment insurance. Fox Photography has been registered as a partnership and we have a Master Business License (MBL). We are HST registered and pay our taxes (and knowledgeable on this aspect seeing as Michelle used to be a tax accountant for 6 years)!

What happens if one of you is sick on our wedding day?

We are part of a community of wedding photographers and have a lot of contacts in the industry, both in Canada and abroad.  In the unlikely event that one of us gets sick (so sick that we cannot get out of bed), we will bring a second photographer with a similar style to us. In the even more unlikely event that both of us are extremely sick and bed-ridden, we will arrange for a suitable replacement. 

I’m ready to book! What are the next steps?

Head on over to our ‘Book Us’ page so we can find out a little more about you and we can start chatting! If you wanted to proceed with booking and locking us in for your date, we can send you over an online contract for you to look at. Once we receive the signed contract and the non-refundable retainer of $1,000, your date will be blocked off and we will decline all other enquiries for your date!