• Who is Fox Photography and why should we choose you?

    • We are Daniel and Michelle, a husband and wife photography team based in Toronto, Canada but are originally from UK and Europe and love to travel! You can find out more on our 'About Us' page.

    • We are more than just photographers and understand what it is like to plan a wedding having been through it ourselves, before we were even wedding photographers! We want to help you with aspects of your planning and will be available for you to reach out to us anytime! 

    • Our style is predominantly documentary. We capture emotions so you can remember how you felt every time you look back at your photos. Our clients are drawn to the 'natural' and 'candid' photography style they see in our photos but we do give direction to achieve this look in order to capture you both in the best way that documents your story. That being said, we also incorporate 'posed' portraits into the day, such as family portraits if required!

    • We're honest. We're upfront. We'll recommend and advise you on different parts of your day based on our experience (as photographers and as a married couple).

    • We're professional. We have experience. We do not cut corners and take our registered business seriously. We pay our taxes, invest in workshops to further our photography education, have insurance (including general liability insurance) and have professional equipment (including back up equipment).


  • Do you travel?

    • Yes! We are based in Toronto but will travel within Canada and also within Europe.  As European passport holders we travel back home often so please get in contact with us if you are planning a destination wedding.  Locations outside of Toronto may incur a travel fee but if we are already travelling to the country (or it's a country or different part of Canada on our bucket list) the travel fee may be waived.  Please note that we do not cover destination weddings and shoots in the US due to visa restrictions.

  • Do you cover all types of Weddings from all types of backgrounds?

    • Inclusivity and Diversity is very important to us both. We believe that everyone should have the right to get married and should have the choice, regardless of their background, sexuality, race, religion, etc.

  • How long does it take to deliver photos?

    • Our typical turnaround time for weddings is 6-8 weeks. Smaller sessions, such as engagement shoots will take on average around 2-3 weeks. 

  • Do you shoot Elopements and Destination Weddings?

    • We LOVE destination weddings, which is why we had one ourselves in Portugal!  Please contact us for more information on pricing if you are considering this option. Typically, elopements and destination weddings are very bespoke which is why we would love to discuss your plans and provide you with a custom quote.  Please note that we legally, due to visa restrictions, cannot cover weddings in certain countries (for example the US), but we can certainly recommend suitable photographers. We do accept other destination weddings such as those within Canada, European destination weddings and of course weddings back home in the UK!

  • I'm not sure how many hours coverage I need right now. Can I upgrade to more hours later?

    • Of course! We know that you might not have your schedule confirmed at the time of booking us.  If you are debating between two packages, you can go with the package with less hours and you can upgrade later once your timetable is confirmed but we would suggest that you do this fairly soon after booking as there is a chance our package prices might change!


  • Do you give out RAW files?

    • We deliver the final processed image which is in JPEG format. We do not deliver unedited RAW files as this is an unfinished and unedited product which does not represent our product and services. This is industry standard within the wedding photography and many other photography industries.

  • Can we see all the photos from the wedding?

    • As typically seen in the wedding photography industry, we only deliver our best photos as part of our final product to accurately represent our brand and to showcase your special day.

    • Part of our process is 'culling' whereby we go through thousands of photos and carefully hand pick the photos which show you at your best. We will then edit each photo and deliver these edited and processed photos upon final delivery. 

    • Our policy, also noted in our contract, confirms we will not provide every single photo taken during a session or at a wedding, but please be assured we are not withholding any moments from you. We 'cull' the photos you would not want (and we would not want to deliver) - the 'test' shots, the photos where someone is blinking, unflattering expressions, the accidental shots, the blurry shots, etc.  

  • Do you provide Videography services?

    • Videography is a specialized art form in itself.  As we specialize in photography only, we do not carry the expertise to provide videography services but can definitely assist in helping find a videographer if you wish.

  • What is the extent of your editing and what can we expect? Can we request specific edits?

    • Before booking us, we ask that you review our portfolio. The final product we deliver to you will be consistent with what you see in our portfolio.

    • In addition to our normal editing, we will carry out minor corrections such as the odd blemish here and there. We do not carry out extensive 'photoshopping' such as changing body shapes.

    • Each photographer will have their own style, so it is important that you review the portfolios of the photographers you are looking into to make sure that you are happy with the style and know what to expect.


  • Will we receive copyright to our photos?

    • Under the Canadian Copyright Act (November 2012) Photographers by default own the copyright to the photos they take (and are treated similarly to other artists such as musicians, painters and writers). 

    • However, as noted in our contracts, we grant a limited personal use license to all of our clients enabling them to use the images, subject to conditions.

    • What does that mean for you? The clause in the contract will enable you to share to social media, including Facebook and Instagram and print the photos for personal use such as in albums, thank you cards or regular prints.

  • Why should we have an engagement shoot? What is the point?

    • We personally feel these sessions are really important for both the photographer and the client. Not only does it give us a chance to get to know you, so you are more comfortable with us on the day, but it will also give you a chance to get used to being in front of the camera so you know what to expect from us and see how we work! For most of our clients, this is the first time they have had professional photos taken with each other so it also gives them a chance to practise.

    • A lot of our clients use the photos from the engagement shoot for their wedding websites or save the dates and use the engagement shoot to test out their hair and makeup trial.

  • Can we provide a shot list?

    • You can, however, we would ask that if you wish to do this that you take into account a few things.

    • A couple of requests here and there are no problem at all but we understand that should you choose to hire us, you are choosing us because you like our style and the way we shoot. We ask that you trust us in this respect so we can ensure that moments aren't missed, because we are too busy concentrating on an extensive list.  

    • We will make an effort to take specifically requested shots but as weddings are uncontrollable and unpredictable events, we cannot guarantee that a specifically requested shot will be taken and/or delivered.

    • By all means have a shot list for the family portraits and other group photos so you remember which photos you want for these posed photos.  For example photos with the couple and parents, couple and siblings, couple and bridesmaids, etc. However, we would recommend allocating someone to manage the group list (someone like a family member, chief bridesmaid, best man). If this person knows who needs to be in each photo, they can call them over more efficiently than we might, which is helpful, especially if there are a lot of group shots and we are sticking to a tight schedule.

  • What happens if you get sick before the wedding?

    • We are part of a community of wedding photographers and have a lot of contacts in the industry, both in Canada and abroad.  In the unlikely event that one of us gets sick (so sick that we cannot get out of bed), we will bring a second photographer with a similar style to us. In the even more unlikely event that both of us are extremely sick and bed-ridden, we will arrange for a suitable replacement. 

  • How many photos will I get?

    • A very common question but a difficult one to answer precisely, as it depends on lots of different factors. These may include the length of the coverage for each part of the day, whether enough time is allocated for the important sessions (such as the Couples session), as well as whether there be travel time eating into the shooting time (as some people drive to different locations for different sessions). We have given an estimate on the number of photos we expect to deliver on our Pricing page to give you an idea. Essentially, we put importance on quality over quantity when delivering the final product to you. 

  • How can we hold a date?

    • In order to hold the date we require non refundable retainer of $800, which goes towards the total cost of the package and a signed contract. The date will then be reserved and we will decline all other enquiries made for your date. 

  • We've booked with you! What can we expect from you in the run up to the wedding?

    • Now that you've booked with us, we want to help you with as much as we can. If you have any questions (no matter how little or how many), if you want help with your planning, if you want to send photos of your outfits to us (as many of our couples do), want our opinions on anything, or just want a chat, please reach out to us any time of day!  We aim to get back to everyone within a couple of hours and are available on multiple different platforms to cater to different preferences (including email, Whatsapp and Facebook).

  • Do you shoot anything other than weddings?

    • We specialize in wedding and engagement photography and therefore mainly focus on these. We will however, shoot a select number of maternity shoots each year as well as volunteer work.  If you are interested in one of these sessions, please get in contact!  

  • Do you have Insurance?

    • Yes! As professional photographers we have insurance, including General Liability insurance.

  • Are you a registered business?

    • Yes - Fox Photography has been registered as a partnership and we have a Master Business License (MBL).


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