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We are Daniel Fox and Michelle Fernandes, a husband and wife photography team from the UK but currently based in Toronto. Anyone who knows us knows how much we love our dogs (@Pepperphoenix on Instagram)! and we love to travel. Michelle grew up in the U.K, Hong Kong and the Netherlands, and Dan grew up in Belgium. We met in the U.K. 10 years ago and moved to Canada in 2013. Europe is our home and Canada is our second home. Our passion for travel means we often go back to Europe which is why we will cover European destination weddings (and we even had our own destination wedding in Portugal)!



I love art, animals and travelling. My Mum took me to my first art exhibition (Claude Monet) when I was 10 years old and my first photography exhibition, Mario Testino's in London a couple of years later. I love the work of popular artists such as Salvador Dali but my favourite painter is Franz Marc because he combine two of my favourite things - art and animals! In my spare time I like hanging out with my dogs and my husband (in that order), fostering cats and kittens, travelling, sunshine, and watching The Walking Dead. I dislike kale and don’t understand why everyone loves it.



I come from an artistic family and have a background in visual effects in film and TV. I always try and find time to watch and play some football (the proper one). I can spend all day watching films or reading trivia about them. Video games are pretty cool too, when Michelle lets me play them. I love my dogs and Michelle, in that order.


The Fox Cubs (Pepper & Phoenix)


Honorary Fox Family Members (past and present fosters)