Fox Photography

 Our wedding in Portugal - Piteira Photography

Our wedding in Portugal - Piteira Photography

We are the Foxes…

We are Daniel Fox and Michelle Fernandes. Not only are we a team with our business but also a team in our personal life, which is why we work so well together! We are husband and wife have been together for 13 years (and know all about what planning a wedding involves)! 

We LOVE to travel. Michelle grew up in the U.K, Hong Kong and the Netherlands, and Dan grew up in Belgium. The UK and Europe is our home and Canada is our second home. Our passion for travel means we often go back to Europe, which is why we will cover European destination weddings (and we even had our own destination wedding in Portugal)!


  • Art lover - Franz Marc is my favourite artist

  • Dog lover

  • Cat foster mum

  • LOVES warm weather

  • The Walking Dead is everything

  • Dog lover. Wait, did I already mention that..?

  • Loves a plan and loves to be organized

  • More dogs


  • Film buff

  • Visual Effects / 3D artist

  • Comes from a family of artists

  • Dog lover

  • Francophone

  • Gamer

  • Traveller

  • Arsenal fan

The Fox Cubs (Pepper & Phoenix)

We are Pepper & Phoenix! Our Mum & Dad are obsessed with us. Follow us on Instagram (@pepperphoenix) so you can become obsessed with us too! Follow us because we are way more interesting.

We love…

  • Cats and Kittens (foster siblings)

  • Skunks..but they don't like us and spray us when we try to play

  • Snow

  • Apples

  • Destroying expensive toys in a day

  • Play fighting with each other

  • Howling when we listen to YouTube videos of other dogs howling


Honorary Fox Family Members (a few past and present fosters)